Our range of accessories is quite extensive and designed to fit all our brands namely Match Station, Koala Products and Abode.

Although some of the seat boxes in our range come fully supplied with both back rests, footplates & supports, we know that these aren’t always your first priority when you’re looking for a top quality seat box system. This is why we have made sure to supply all options for a range of seat box accessories that we stock, allowing you to make the modifications that you need to your seat box system. Footplates were originally designed for anglers who were fishing on waterlogged banks and they were purpose built in order to ensure that you could keep your feet dry in a range of conditions. If you’re someone who regularly finds yourself fishing at pegs which are devoid of the kinds of platforms that you often find on venues that are routinely waterlogged, then a footplate will form an essential part of your angling arsenal.

Back rests are a much more modern addition to the seat box system and you’ll find that the majority of the seat boxes that we stock come with or without back rests entirely. This is why we have made sure to supply a range of back rests for a variety of the seat boxes that we stock here, at Global Outdoors. If you are someone who does suffer from back problems, as you well may as a lifetime angler, then a back rest will be vital to ensure that you can fish in complete comfort at all times.

As well as all these larger seat box accessories, we also feature a full range of locking nuts, hand wheels, and clips to ensure that you’re able to modify your box to suit your needs. This includes the likes of spare connecting bars, additional telescopic legs, and spares. Whether you’re looking to replace a tired accessory on your seat box or you’re looking to add on additional components, we have all the accessories that you will need, from a bait bowl, side tray, bump bar, umbrella arm, keepnet arm etc.