Match Station Large Alloy Bait Waiter Side Tray with legs

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Match Station, Side Tray, attachable legs, fishing tray,

Product Description

  • Super light weight aluminium
  • Ultra strong construction
  • Universal fixing points
  • Perforated mesh to prevent bait build up
  • 2 x Extending 25mm round legs with swivel mud feet (Adjustable from 55 - 82cm)
  • Fits 25, 30 & 36mm round or 20mm square legs

Frame: High quality super light aluminium box section

Dimensions: W54 X D46cm

This is a fairly self explanatory tackle item: It is a tray which you can attach to your seat box. Side trays are hugely versatile and they can be used for a whole host of reasons on the bank.

The Large Match Station alloy bait waiter uses two extending legs (supplied) to create a solid base work station.

It is an excellent baiting station, especially if you’re looking for somewhere to store pre-rolled balls of ground bait ready for your catapult, or you’re filling your cups with pellets ready to cup out over the water. It is also ideal if you’re fishing using a feeder system, as it gives you a flat base on which you can press your bait into your feeder – whether that’s a method feeder, river feeder, cage feeder, or an open ended system.

As you might expect, the metal side trays tend to be slightly heavier, although they are generally considered to be more durable. To combat their weight, our metal side trays feature a grated base. This also allows any water to drain away, should you get caught out without an umbrella in a rain shower. The plastic side trays, whilst lighter, are by no means less heavy duty in their construction. These tend to be completely sealed on the base, so if you were worried about your hook becoming caught in the grate on the metal side trays then this style of try might be preferable.

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