Dirt Boot Neoprene Wellington Pro-Sport Muck Boot Dirt Shoe Camo

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Dirt, Boot, Neoprene, Wellington, Pro, Sport, Muck, Boot, Shoe, Camo

Product Description

  • Original Neoprene DIRT BOOT.
  • CR Flex-foam booties (5mm neoprene) with four way nylon.
  • Additional Achilles reinforcement for added protection.
  • Kick rim for easy removal
  • Wide cut heel base for stability.
  • Diamond textured toe and heel reinforcement resists scuffs and scratches.
  • Full top to toe neoprene.
  • Aggressive athletic traction soles for better purchase in slippery environments.
  • 100% Waterproof boot shoe.
  • EVA Mid sole.
  • Durable, Shock absorbent, Oil resistant and lightweight.

UNISEX SIZES AVAILABLE. ( 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 )

FJ-NS-M006-37-CAMO 5060470027117 4 UK Women / 3 UK Men
FJ-NS-M006-38-CAMO 5060470027131 5 UK Women / 4 UK Men
FJ-NS-M006-39-CAMO 5060470027131 6 UK Women / 5 UK Men
FJ-NS-M006-40-CAMO 5060470027148 7 UK Women / 6 UK Men
FJ-NS-M006-41-CAMO 5060226827985 7 UK Men
FJ-NS-M006-42-CAMO 5060226827992 8 UK Men
FJ-NS-M006-43-CAMO 5060226828005 9 UK Men
FJ-NS-M006-44-CAMO 5060226828012 10 UK Men
FJ-NS-M006-45-CAMO 5060226828029 11 UK Men
FJ-NS-M006-46-CAMO 5060226828036 12 UK Men
FJ-NS-M006-47-CAMO 5060226828043 13 UK Men

Please note when deciding size just use your normal shoe size as this product is designed to suit.


The DIRT BOOT range of footwear has been designed to suit the lives of many people from fisherman sport and field sports enthusiast to farmers or simply just walking the dog. This 3/4 length muck boot shoe will keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer due to its cotton lining and full neoprene and natural rubber construction. The addition of EVA technology normally found in training shoes makes this boot shoe stand out from the crowd which serious field sports enthusiast will find a dream to where and stay comfortable for any duration. The aggressive soles keep the user standing firm and maintain exceptional grip even on the most slippery surfaces. All in all the sport range of Dirt Boot footwear packs a mighty punch and hold its own against the big guns costing twice the price. The best dry, comfy and sure footed outdoor camping, gardening activity boot shoe you will find.

Uses: Gardening, Fishing, Camping, Shooting, Working, Walking


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